Textile Inks

Rutland Plastic Technologies is a leading manufacturer of specialty inks for the textile industry and a supplier of plastic coatings for commercial and industrial applications. Founded in 1962, Rutland quickly earned a solid reputation for its diversity of products and advanced technology by developing cutting-edge printing techniques and by manufacturing and supplying high quality inks to the most recognized brands of athletic and fashion apparel. With an expansive network of dealer partners, Rutland Plastic Technologies is now recognized as a leading supplier to the global fashion industry!

M3 Mixing System

Rutland's most popular color mixing system. All the primary ink colors are PANTONE® licensed. This high performance, low-tack plastisol color mixing system is designed for printing on 100% cotton fabrics. An excellent system for printing on poly/cotton blends when using a low-bleed underlay white.

Finish Ink Mixing System (M3) / Non-Phthalate

M31440     NPT HO Violet
M32441     NPT HO Blue #1
M32442     NPT HO Blue #2
M32443     NPT HO Marine
M33443     NPT HO Green
M34449     NPT HO Yellow
M36446     NPT HO Scarlet
M36447     NPT HO Red
M36449     NPT Permanent Red
M38394     NPT HO Black
M39256     NPT HO White


C3 Mixing System

Rutland's Color Booster Mixing System consist of single pigment color concentrates that were developed as a means of enhancing our finished ink mixing primaries by offering a darker, more saturated color. Rutland's Color Booster Mixing System will create thousands of popular colors in a variety of product series simply by switching to the appropriate base.

Color Booster Mixing System (C3) / Non-phtalate

C31440     NPT Violet C3
C32441     NPT Blue #1 C3
C32442     NPT Blue #2 C3
C32443     NPT Marine C3
C33443     NPT Green C3
C34449     NPT Yellow C3
C36446     NPT Scarlet C3
C36447     NPT Red C3
C36449     NPT Permanent Red C3
C38394     NPT Black C3
C39256     NPT White C3


Catalina 2 Ready for Use Mixing System

This is Rutland's ready for use mixing system and non-phthalate.

C2102N     Flo. Magenta    
C2104N     Cerise  
C2105N     Violet
C2210N     Blue RS
C2211N     Blue GS
C2212N     Neon Blue
C2305N     Green
C2406N     Yellow
C2407N     Flo. Lemon
C2501N     Orange
C2607N     Scarlet (Red YS)
C2608N     Red
C2609N     Flo. Red
C2802N     Black





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